Humane Society to host fundraiser


By Marianne Curtis

   The Steinbach Humane Society is hosting a fundraising social in mid-November so that the organization can continue to provide animal rescue services in the region.

   On November 13, the Steinbach Humane Society is hosting the “Who let the dogs out?” fundraising social at the La Broquerie Hotel. The one evening event is expected to raise money to assist the region’s only animal shelter.

   Lisa Beauchamp Rogal, Steinbach Humane Society president says that while the group is still keeping their eyes focused on a building for the organization, money raised at the event is going towards vet bills.

   “The plans for our future building are still a distant dream, but yes we are saving up slowly,” explained Beauchamp Rogal. “Our most pressing financial issue is our vet bill, but the building is second on our list.”

   The Steinbach Humane Society current operates on a foster home basis where animals found, rescued or relinquished stay until they find a new home. The group is still attempting to work with the City of Steinbach so that a permanent animal shelter can be open and operational.   

   “We are currently working with our city to try to take over the Animal Control Officer position, but the catch 22 is that we will need a building to house all the animals if we do,” added Beauchamp Rogal. “We only have until 2012 to get a building and our proposal in place for that so we’re working really hard.”

   Tickets for the “Who let the dogs out?” fundraising social are $10 and can be purchased at Pet Valu in Steinbach. There will also be a silent auction, lotto tree, 50/50 and other prizes.

   Meanwhile, the Steinbach Humane Society relies on people able to provide foster care for the animals that come through the system. Anyone interested in helping out in any way can contact the committee at 326-1274.


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