Facebook leads to arrests

   The Steinbach RCMP have arrested and charged to Richer adults after an investigation that was launched on Facebook.

   According to Steinbach RCMP Corporal Sean Grunewald, the RCMP began an investigation after police were provided with information that a man had made comments on Facebook about police on his property.

   “It was determined that this person was trying to buy guns through different websites,” explained Grunewald.

   Further investigation revealed that the suspect did not have a license to own firearms.

   Steinbach RCMP were able to obtain a warrant to entire the Richer home where six fire arms were seized. None of them were registered or properly stored. Police also found a small grow operation on the premises.

   Thirty seven year old Paul Fiola and sixty-two year old Gertrude Fiola were both arrested and taken into custody. They were charged with numerous firearm and drug charges.


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