Charitable act gets St. Genevieve woman fired


By Marianne Curtis

   A St. Genevieve woman is shocked and saddened after she was fired from her job because she was doing what she thought was the right thing.

   Vi Hancock was recently fired from her job after only a month after she was accused of stealing hundred of loaves of bread from the business. The forty-eight year old woman took the job at the well known discount store to help support her family while she continued studying to become a social worker.

   “My own dismissal was for an infraction I was not even aware of,” explained Hancock. “It related to the bread that was thrown out every Sunday, sometimes up to a hundred loaves, which were still reasonably fresh, and could be used to feed those less fortunate.”

   Hancock recalled how she knew of many parents that are struggling to feed their families so it seemed natural to rescue the hundred of loaves of bread regularly tossed into the dumpster. Once a single parent of six, insists she was only thinking of helping those less fortunate.

   “I am dumbfounded because the bread was on its way to the garbage and the assistant managers who were training me helped me bag and haul to my car after my shift was over,” furthered Hancock. “I brought it to a Seine River school, where I am currently working on my practicum in social work through the University of Manitoba.” 

   “The staff at the school has instituted a breakfast program for children K-8 who go without. Some of these children also do not bring lunches,” Hancock explained. “So, every Sunday, I would rescue the outdated bread and donate it to the program. I would also personally deliver some of it to area families that were low-income and had many children.”

   Sadly, Hancock’s charity came to an end when a store manager found and it was labeled as “theft” and she was fired.

    “The actions of the store manager, and those of the District Manager, shocked me,” she added. “They seemed content to let children go hungry in our area and take away my meager income.”

   Despite the difficulty she now faces in finishing her education, Hancock has no regrets.

   “Had I known it was their policy to ignore the hungry, I would have worked within the organization to change that,” stated Hancock. “In any event, I would do it again and again.”


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