Town councils in by acclimation

By Marianne Curtis

    While most communities in the province are heading to the polls to elect new town councils, several in the southeast are just playing the waiting game. There have been a number of acclamations in the region including the entire town councils from the Town of Ste. Anne and Village of St. Pierre.

   Ste. Anne Mayor Bernie Vermette is disappointed that he won’t have a chance to campaign but he is also grateful that he has another four years in the position.

    “It is a good feeling when you are not contested – it’s possible the people are satisfied of what we have accomplished in the last four years,” says Vermette. “We will continue to work hard to be great representation for the town.”

   Incumbent councilors Hélène d’Auteuil and Ken Dayment have been joined by newcomers Donald Simard and Cornelius Klassen at the council table.

   “Our vision will be to take care of in of infrastructure issues, try to create more business tax base and continue to make Ste. Anne a place where people want to live and feel safe and along with council work on a format of healthier living for every one around us,” Vermette added.

   While Vermette retains at seat as mayor, the Village of St. Pierre has acclaimed a new mayor and four councilors. Denis Fillion has gone from being councilor to the mayor’s chair and he will be joined by incumbent councilors Luc Nadeau and Mona Fallis. Brian Martel and Guy Gosselin are new to the table.

   “There are some development projects that we hope to continue into the next term while taking on growth issues,” stated Fillion. Over the past few years, the community has seen an increase in population but council has recognized that there are a limited lots to accommodate the growth.

   “I am looking forward to working with this new council and I hope that everyone voices their opinions,” Fillion added. “We will work better if everyone on council is open to discuss the best possible solutions for the community.” 

   Residents from several other communities in the region will also not be visiting the polls. The LUD’s of Grunthal, Blumenort, Grunthal, La Broquerie, St. Malo and Mitchell have all been acclaimed.  Elections will take place in Landmark, Lorette, Niverville, and Steinbach.

Ste. Anne mayor Bernie Vermette says that it is a positive way to start a new term after his entire council was acclaimed.



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