School projects slated for Vita and Sprague

   Borderland School Division is hoping to get approval and funding from the province so that several projects throughout the division can proceed including improvements within the schools in Vita and Sprague.

   According to Anne Malyon Secretary Treasurer there are a number of projects being considered for submission to the Public Schools Finance Board from throughout the division. This year’s focus will be system replacements, construction of additional space, building projects, access and roof projects.

   Maylon says that the board is looking for $70,000 to install a new heating system in the Shevchenko School in Vita. She explains that at one time there was an open air classroom that was eventually closed in without making adjustments to the heating system.

   “There are air flow and temperature fluctuations that need to be addressed,” explained Maylon.

   In Sprague, the division is hoping to get for funding to conduct wall repairs at the Ross L. Gray School.


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