RCMP close file on Dispatch


   The Steinbach RCMP has confirmed that they are done investigating who took photographs from within a municipal vault and supplied them to media.

   The RM of La Broquerie council requested that the RCMP investigate who took photographs of the monitoring station located within the municipality’s vault and supplied them to the Dawson Trail Dispatch.

   When the paper hit the streets, the municipality responded by asking the police to launch an investigation to find out who took the pictures and how the photographer gained access to the vault. Within days, the RCMP attended the office and removed the system in an effort to discover who may have accessed the vault and taken the pictures.

   Steinbach RCMP Detachment Staff Sergeant Davy Lee confirmed that file has been closed.

   “I can’t discuss the file because it doesn’t affect you,” stated Lee. “What I can confirm is that this matter is closed.”

   The photo that was printed in the July issue clearly showed a security system within the municipality’s vault and confirmed that hidden cameras were located throughout the building despite denials by council.


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