People ready for change, says McFayden

By Marianne Curtis

   Currently the focus of most Manitoban’s is on the upcoming municipal election but in one year, residents will be heading to the polls for the next provincial election.   Preparations are already underway and candidates are beginning to make their intentions known.

   Recently, residents in La Verendrye stepped out and selected Vita businessman Dennis Smook as their official Progressive Conservative representative. During three nomination meetings, over a thousand people came out to support the Progressive Conservative party and it’s leader, Hugh McFayden.

   McFayden says that this is a very positive sign that residents in the southeast and the province in general are finally ready for a change in leadership. 

   “I spent the summer traveling the province, and no matter where I was — from Vita to Flin Flon to Dauphin to downtown Winnipeg — I heard the same message: it’s time for change. People are fed up. They’re looking for new ideas and new energy” says McFayden. “Manitobans want a government that has a plan to increase our opportunities and grow our way into prosperity. We need a long-term economic strategy to turn our fortunes around, and we need to stop the wasteful spending that has become a trademark of the NDP government.”

   However, he says that this will not happen by accident.

   “We need a deliberate effort to change the direction of government and I am confident positive change is coming,” McFayden continued. “Our province is approaching a crossroads – we will either drift into debt and decline or make changes to build a stronger future.”

   He accuses the NDP government of running out of steam and breaking every promise they have made by running large deficits, increasing the debt and failing to end hallway medicine.  

   “On the other hand, the Progressive Conservatives will offer positive ideas, new energy and hope,” he added. “We will get tough on criminals and on the causes of crime; we will offer balanced budgets and economic growth; we will end the NDP practice of pitting Winnipeg against rural Manitoba – we are on the side of hard-working Manitobans, rural and urban, and these folks are ready for a change.”

   McFayden is confident that that when voters go to the polls next October they will make the decision to make a significant change that will see the province move into a positive future.


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