New citizen acclaimed in Piney election


By Marianne Curtis

   The only acclaimed councilor in the RM of Piney is very excited about her new position. While her male counterparts will be battling it out at the polls, Sian Barrow from Vassar is sitting on the sidelines and waiting to see who will be joining her at the council table after she acclaimed in Ward 3.

   Barrow admits that she is stunned when she discovered that she did not have any competition in her quest for council. This makes her the only candidate running in the municipality to be acclaimed and so far, the only woman on council.

   “I had expected at least one other candidate to be running against me,” explained Barrow. “I am very pleased to be the new representative from this area.”

   Barrow is excited about this election for another reason. While the family has been residents of Canada for eighteen years but this will be the first time that she can vote in this country.

   “We recently became Canadian citizens which means that instead of watching from the sidelines we can actually participate in the democratic process,” she continued. “It is even more exciting that I get to vote in my first election as an acclaimed municipal councilor.”

   For the past five years, Barrow and her husband Derek have operated a large cattle farm near Vassar.  The couple immigrated to Canada from England in 1992 and lived in La Broquerie and Landmark before finally making the RM of Piney their home.

   “I am concerned about the RM of Piney and I want the best for it and the tax payers – I feel like I would be a good choice to help get things done,” stated Barrow. “I want to open up council meetings so that the public can participate a bit more.”

   Since moving to the RM of Piney, Barrow has been very active in all aspects of farming including as a voice for local farmers. She intends to encourage the “family farm” without inviting factory farms into the municipality.

   “Farming keeps a community alive, what happens to the schools and the stores,” added Barrow. “Small farmers are the best stewards of the land.”

   As a farmer, businesswoman, employer and mother, Barrow is confident that she will be a valuable asset to the municipality. 


Sian Barrow from Vassar is thrilled to be the only candidate in the RM of Piney to be acclaimed.



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