Mayors and reeves acclaimed

By Marianne Curtis

   The City of Steinbach and the Town of Niverville councils will both go into the next four years without any change at the top. By acclimation Steinbach Mayor Chris Goertzen and Niverville Mayor Greg Fehr have both retained their seats at the head of their perspective councils.

   Goertzen is admits that he is humbled by the community’s support because they returned him to office without any competition.

   “It is a good feeling,” stated Goertzen. “Steinbach is a great city to be in leadership.”

   There are thirteen candidates looking for a spot on Goertzen’s council including Wayne Barkman, Roy Enns, Lee Fehler, Earl Funk, Joel Hartung, Abe Hiebert, Jerry Korman, Cari Penner, Susan Penner, Jac Siemens, Chris Summerville, and Michael Zwaagstra.

   Niverville’s Mayor Greg Fehr will also be spending another term in council.

   “It would have been nice to campaign,” Fehr says. “But the residents are the ones going to vote this time.”
   He noted that during the last election only three councilors were acclaimed and a fourth had to be appointed when no one stepped forward to fill the vacancy.  This time, voters have seven people to chose from including Adrian Bruce, John Falk, John Funk, Darrin Hopkins, Angela Janz, and Kevin Stott.

   At the municipal level, RM of Hanover reeve Stan Toews and RM of Ritchot Mayor Bob Stefaniuk were also both acclaimed. Three councilors have already been acclaimed along with the reeve, including Bernie Stahn, Bob Brandt, Henry Funk.

   RM of Ritchot mayor Bob Stefaniuk was also acclaimed, but only because another candidate after withdrawing his papers on the final day of nominations.  

   “It is always nice to be acclaimed and I take it as an endorsement that people are satisfied with the way the municipality is being managed on an ongoing basis,” Stefaniuk stated. “It is always my goal to provide the best possible governance for the ratepayers of our municipality both fiscally and politically.  I will keep this as my goal.”

   In the rest of the municipalities, there are at least two candidates running for reeve. RM of De Salaberry incumbent reeve Ron Musick is being challenged by former municipal employee Claude Gagne.

   RM of Tache Mayor Bill Danychuk faces opposition from former LUD member Dave Sutherland of Landmark.   RM of Ste. Anne reeve Art Bergmann is being challenged by Real Sarrasin and Allen Moskaliuk while RM of Stuartburn reeve Jim Jim Swidersky is being contested by former reeve David Kiansky.

   Residents in the RM of La Broquerie have three options because incumbent reeve because Marielle Wiebe is being challenged by current deputy reeve Jean Gagnon and Claude Lussier.  

   RM of Piney and Reynold’s residents can expect to see an entirely new face at the helm of their municipalities.

   In RM of Piney, Doug Laing, Duane Boutang and Doreen Gerardy are all vying to fill the shoes of Marvin Havorka who has decided to not run again due to health reasons. RM of Reynolds reeve Donna Shandroski has decided that she won’t run again and Ryan Kuz, David Turchyn, and Andy Pelletier would like to replace her.

 Steinbach Mayor Chris Goertzen

RM of Hanover Reeve Stan Toews


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