Councilor indemnities revealed


By Marianne Curtis

   In a few short weeks, voters will be going to the polls to elect new municipal representatives. Many perspective candidates have full times jobs and treat being a councilor as a part-time position or similar to volunteering on a committee.

   In some cases, councilors have quit their jobs and have dedicated much of their time to serving the ratepayers while collecting their indemnities and per diems which are paid out of taxpayer dollars.

   Earlier this year, the Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) released data on the salaries and per diems of municipal councillors, mayors and reeves province-wide.  

   “People often wonder what their local reeve or councillor actually makes,” said CTF Director Colin Craig. 

   Given the large number of municipalities and the diversity of communities in the region it is impossible to determine who deservers how much. However, with this data taxpayers can compare their community’s pay levels with other communities and draw their own conclusions.

   Normally councilors decide how much a year they will collect in indemnities for the year when drawing up their budgets. Expenses and extras are billed separately and added to that amount. For example, in the Village of St. Pierre, councilors can collect up to $180 per day for conducting municipal business.

   Doug Cavers, CAO for the RM of Hanover pointed out that in many causes reeves, specifically Stan Toews is working 70% full time equivalent for Hanover, and individual councilors range from 25% to 40% time.

   So how much does it pay to be a municipal councilor?





number of councilors (including reeve)  


Hanover 11,871 7 $162,357.57
Tache 9,083 7 $196,563.65
Ritchot                           5,051 5 $143,674.36
Ste. Anne           4,509 7 $115,071.00
La Broquerie     3,659 7 $109,829.26
De Salaberry      3,349 7 $83,618.31
Piney 1,755 5 $36,318.75
Stuartburn 1,629 5 $46,230.00
Reynolds 1,410 8 $63,316.21
Cities and Towns      
Niverville 2,464 5 $52,734.60
Steinbach 11,066 8 $106,058.00
Ste. Anne     1,534 5 $40,700.00
St. Pierre   839 5 $41,104.21


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6 responses to “Councilor indemnities revealed

  1. David

    Being a resident of Ritchot, I am confused with council compensation. Ritchot has a population of about 5000, the town of The Pa is the closed comparision by population having about 5500 people. Total compensation paid to individual council members in The Pa is under $9,800. In Ritchot the average total compensation is over $38,000. To be fair, one councilor, Maurice Leclaire, is the primary cause of Ritchots high council costs. After checking with the Municipal office for 2010 compensations, year to date, Mr. Leclaire will be close , or exceed $60,000 this year in compensation, not including money He recieves from other boards.

  2. David

    Steinbach compensation to its councilers is about $12,000 annually. Why the heck is one member of Ritchot making almost as much as the ENTIRE STEINBACH COUNCIL? Its time for change!!!!
    VOTE FOR THE OTHER GUY!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Chris


    Thanks for pointing that out, David.

    I’ll definitely vote for the other guy

  4. I am disappointed to hear that this matter was addressed in Grande Pointe at a debate that no one heard about. I would have liked to have been there – as a reporter and as a new RM of Ritchot resident. This will be my first election in Ritchot, and I would definately like to have been more informed so I can make my vote count.

  5. David

    I can tell you that there was no real debate in Grande Pointe, it was a Q&A event. The majority of the Questions were regarding Ritchots practice of accepting toxic waste from other Municipalities at the Municipal dump. When Mr. Leclaires brother in law, Eddy, expressed concern about personaly witnessing some of this waste running into the ditch, Mr. Leclaire dismissed this as a treatment of some sort.
    When a similar question was posed to Ernie Dumaine, he said he has become ill after going to this dump, and that something has to be done here.
    The question that remains, is does the money the Municipality recieves from this toxic dump benifit the taxpayers , or is the money primarily used to pay Ritchots high council indemnities? I also heard the words ” Love Canal” mentioned.

  6. Chris Friesen


    I personally know some people who have worked at the dump and there is a lot worse going on the site. They’ve been transferring waste into the ditches for years!