RCMP still investigating in La Broquerie

By Marianne Curtis

   The Steinbach RCMP are still investigating issues raised in the RM of La Broquerie.

   Steinbach RCMP Staff Sergeant Davy Lee has confirmed that his detachment is still investigating the hidden cameras installed throughout the municipal office, suspected gravel fraud and theft of the municipal gun.

   However he could not comment on the status of any of the files because they are still under investigation.

   The investigations were launched back in May at the request of the Department of Justice after damning allegations were made by former administrator Lori Wood to the Auditor General, Ombudsman and the province.

   The status of two other investigations seem have gotten lost in the shuffle. When asked if the RCMP is investigating alleged death threats against the office staff and an alleged assault of the municipal bylaw officer by a ratepayer, Lee admitted he had not heard of either file.

   While the RCMP don’t seem to know about the assault and the threats, ratepayers do.

   RM of La Broquerie resident Garry Poetker claims to have personally heard the death threats.

   “Councillor Ron Hamilton came to my house to discuss a matter and played me three voice mail messages,” Poetker claims. “In one, the ratepayer actually threatened to kill the staff, and in the other two he was threatening everyone.”

   Poetker says that he told Hamilton to take the voice mails to the police but was told that it was not necessary. Two days later, La Broquerie bylaw officer Tim Janes was allegedly assaulted by the same ratepayer over a culvert.

   “I was stunned when I heard that the bylaw officer was assaulted by that same person a few days later,” Poetker added. “When I asked the councilor about it, I was left with the impression that this person got what he wanted and council was afraid to stand up to him.”

    Janes would not speak on record about the assault other then to confirm that it did happen.  While Jane would not speak for fear of losing his job, former CAO Lori Wood stands behind her former staff member.

   “I have gone on the record to the RCMP about the death threats to the RCMP where I discussed the assault in detail and I was told the RCMP were going to pull Tim’s file and both were going to be investigated,” stated Wood. “I want to know why nothing has been done.”


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