Hanover working on new schools

   The Hanover School Division is getting ready to start construction of a new middle school in Steinbach.

   According to Ron Falk, Planning Committee Chairperson, the division has awarded a tender to begin work at the site for the new middle school. Friesen Hauling from Steinbach will begin the project by removing the top soil from the site this fall.

   “We are very excited to have some physical work taking pace at the site,” says Falk. The next step for the project will be to tender out the actual construction which is expected to be done next month.

   Now that construction of a new middle school has started, the board is setting it’s sights on constructing a new high school in Steinbach by making an official request to the province.

   “If it moves forward this new high school would seat about 800 students and have both vocational and academic programming,” Falk stated.

   A year ago, the division purchased land adjacent to the Steinbach Regional High School. The board is now working on the actual design of the facility with hopes that construction of the new school will be complete in time for the 2013 school year.

   Meanwhile the Hanover School Division is inviting students to participate in the naming of both new schools. When the new middle school opens in Steinbach and the Steinbach Junior High is becomes a middle school, they will both need to be named.

   The school division stresses that this is not a contest. However if a name is chosen the participant will be invited to participate in a groundbreaking or naming ceremony.


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