Enrollment numbers up in Seine River


   The new school year has started and the Seine River School Division is feeling growing pains and having to make some tough decisions.

   According to Superintendent Mike Borgfjord, until this year, parents that live outside of the division could opt to sent their children to schools within the Seine River School Division. However, this year, classrooms are nearly bulging and the division has been forced to say “no” to some families.

   However, this school year the school division has an enrollment of nearly three thousand and nearly one hundred of those students were added this year.

   “This year Lorette Collegiate and Dawson Trail School have both been refusing school of choice students,” stated Borgfjord.

   This year three applications to the Lorette Collegiate and six to the Dawson Trail School were refused due because of space reasons.

  “We would like to have as many students as possible but the reality is that it puts pressures on the school,” Borgfjord says. “The word is out there that we will not be excepting extra students and this may continue for the time being.”

   While portable classrooms have been added to the Lorette Immersion and the Dawson Trail School, the division is not near the capacity needed for a new school.

   Instead, the Seine River School Division has requested that the province review the division’s catchment boundaries. The division hopes that the review will be conducted over the winter months and be ready for the spring.


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