Dancers wanted in Vita

By Marianne Curtis

   As the Susydka Ukrainian Dance Club in Vita enters into it’s thirty first year of operation, the group is inviting dances to come out and join the group.

   The club invites dancers as young as four and even adults that are interested in learning more about the Ukrainian culture to join the Susydka Ukrainian Dancers.

   “We promote Ukrainian Culture, physical wellness, participation, team spirit, and a love of performance,” explained Club President Larissa Bodz.

   The club holds weekly Sunday practices at the Ukrainian National Home of Vita and is invited to perform at various venues throughout the year. Their dance season begins in the fall and ends with a recital in the spring.

   Under the direction of Valentyna Dmytrenko, who comes from Ukraine with a Master of Arts Degree in Choreography and Diploma with Honors from Kiev the troupe performs at a variety of events.

   “We have never refused an invite or performance,” Bodz continued.

   These events have included the Rosa Spring Tea, Sundown Spring Tea, Gardenton’s Malanka & Ukrainian Festival, Paradise Village in St. Annes, Shevchenko’s School Christmas Concert, Steinbach’s Veseli Ukrainian Dance Recital, St. Pierre Frog Follies, Borderland Banquet, and the Personal Care Home in Vita.  

   Dancers from the Club also compete in competitions such as the Dance Competition in Teulon where over a thousand dancers compete on stage.

   Anyone wishing to register can contact Larissa Bodz at 425-7912.

   “Our dancers are ranked highly and represent our community with pose and grace,” added Bodz. “Last year, I was approached by someone from the Executive Committee in Teulon. She congratulated me and the Susydka Dancers for a great performance – this was the first time I was ever approached by anyone from the committee.”

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