Damon joins Municipal Board

    Niverville former mayor Gord Damon was recently named as one of the newest members of the province’s Municipal Board.

   Damon says that he was appointed to the board after being recommended by his former council members.

   “Municipal politics is a passion for me so this is a great opportunity to serve the people,” stated Damon.

   Damon is one of thirty part time board members that will be called upon to listen to the residents within municipalities when they object to a decision of council. He expects to participate in up to fifteen municipal board hearings within the next three years. His term will expire in July 2013.
   Four years ago, Damon stepped down as Niverville’s mayor after serving seven and a half years at the helm of the youngest community in the province. He was the youngest mayor in the province. During that time he achieved many things including the Heritage Center, the new lagoon, the completion of the dyke protecting the community, and the launching of a $10 million golf course and development. 

   He helped establish partnerships between neighboring municipalities, organizations, and groups, along with improvements to the commercial and business sector, and completions of primary health care in the community.


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