Community pleased with local police


Photo by Marianne Curtis

Based on the results of a recent survey conducted by the Ste. Anne Police, ninety-eight percent of community residents are pleased with the services provided by the department.  

By Marianne Curtis

   The Ste. Anne police department is pleased with the results of a survey conducted within the community over the past few months.

   According to police chief Marc Robichaud, a door to door handout survey was used to collect data from the citizens of St. Anne.   The survey covered a wide aspect of services performed by the Department, as well as what citizens feel are crime problems in their town.

   “Ninety-eight percent of the residents that participated in the survey rated the local police department as either good or excellent,” stated Robichaud. “This is well above what we would have expected.”

   Robichaud says the it was decided to do a door-to-door meeting with residents because it provided an opportunity for face to face communication.

   “Officers were able to discuss issues in person with citizens and collect surveys that were dropped off at both the Town of St. Anne office and the Police department,” Robichaud continued. “We also received advice on how we can better serve the community and we will be implementing many of the good ideas that were brought forward.

   These ideas include establishing a Citizens on Patrol (COP), neighborhood watch, school sessions, wanting officers to become more involved in youth activities and have more summer programs for all ages.

   When residents were asked to how much confidence they have in the Ste. Anne Police Department and the RCMP, local police rated 59% and the RCMP rated 56%.


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