Ombudsman clarifies report on La Broquerie

By Marianne Curtis

   According to the Manitoba Ombudsman’s office, information recently released by the RM of La Broquerie pertaining to a recent investigation is in fact a report filled with recommendations.

   The Ombudsman’s Office has gone on record to clarify some confusion pertaining to the release of a recent report by the RM of La Broquerie.

   Last month, the Dawson Trail Dispatch, several residents and even members of the RM of La Broquerie council voiced confusion pertaining to a recent report released by the municipality.

   Reeve Marielle Wiebe released the information to the public as a “report”, however it had several recommendations and questions making it appear to be a letter to some members of council. Further confusion was added when the Ombudsman’s office itself stated to media that the investigation was ongoing and they still could not comment.

   Gail Perry, with the Manitoba Ombudsman, has confirmed that the document dated July 5 from her office “is the ombudsman’s report”.

   “The Ombudsman’s investigation has been completed as outlined in the report to Council,” stated Perry. “In the report we requested certain information from the R.M. and we are awaiting a response. After Council responds to the Ombudsman, the Ombudsman will report to the complainant about the result of the investigation.”

   She added that the Ombudsman may report publicly upon the completion of a particular case but investigation is done in private.

   “It has been the Ombudsman’s practice not to report publicly in circumstances where we are awaiting a response to the Ombudsman’s report,” she explained.  “However, once council has considered the report at the council meeting as required by the Act, it is in the council’s discretion whether or not it will release the report it received.”

   The report cited several issues within the municipality and the ombudsman made a number of recommendations. This includes ensuring that the builders who constructed a daycare center in La Broquerie remove a home that is still located on the property in contravention of the building bylaw and rezoning of one of the councilor’s properties after he constructed a dairy barn on rural residentially zoned property.


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