Licensed restaurant opens in Landmark

Diners can now have a beer with their pizza when they sit down for dinner in Landmark now that Ron and Andrea Trudeau have purchased and renovated the community’s only restaurant.

By Marianne Curtis

   For the very first time in history restaurant patrons in Landmark can order a pizza and enjoy a glass of wine or a beer with their dinner.

   At the beginning of August Andrea and Ron Trudeau opened the doors of the Highway 206 Grill in Landmark. The couple purchased the restaurant formerly known as Mom’s Country Bakery a few months earlier, then spent a month renovating the building and updating the menu.

      Andrea said that it was her idea to purchase the business next door when she heard that it was for sale. This is the second business that the couple has purchased and revitalized in Landmark. The pair moved into the community from Lorette back in 2002 when they purchased Freedom Foods, the town’s only convenience store and gas station.

   “It was a great opportunity – we share a driveway for one, but we also had some ideas on how we could make something that this town would be proud of and enjoy,” explained Andrea. “We wanted something with a city atmosphere but without the price gouging.”

   Until the Trudeau’s took over the restaurant the community has been notoriously “dry”. Previous owners have considered a liquor license but it became evident quickly that the community did not want alcohol served in town.

   “We took a survey of people that come into the store and over 70 percent said that they would like to be able to have a beer or a glass of wine with their pizza,” Andrea continued. “It is not like we are selling a lot of liquor, but the community has been welcoming to it.”

   When asked why the couple decided to take on a second major business in Landmark, Andrea admitted that even though they have only been in the community nine years, they consider it home and want to see the town grow.

   “Landmark to me has been unbelievable – I have never moved into a community where they have been so supportive,” Andrea said gratefully. “The people wanted something different and we were able to provide it.”

   Currently the Highway 206 Grill is open until 8:00 p.m. daily and closed on Sundays. Longer hours and Sunday openings are anticipated in the near future.


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