Calling all candidates

   On October 27 voters will be heading to the polls to cast their ballots for town council members, reeves, mayors and school board trustees. Throughout the southeast, perspective candidates are beginning to throw their hats into the ring as the time is counting down quickly towards the close of nominations.

   New rules for elections state that all prospective candidates are required to register with the Senior Elections Officer before beginning their campaign and before the close of nominations, which is September 21.

   In order to be a candidate one must meet several qualifications. They must be a Canadian citizen, 18 years of age, a resident of Manitoba and a qualified voter of the town or municipality.

   A candidate must also not be subject to disqualification under The Municipal Act or any other Act, such as a judge of the Court of Queen’s Bench or the Court of Appeal, a provincial judge or justice of the peace, a member of the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba or the Senate or House of Commons of Canada or an employee of the Municipality who has not been granted a leave of absence.

   Nominations papers must be signed by at least 25 voters in a town or no less than 1 percent of the voters of a ward (whichever is less).


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