Tipping fees outrage residents

By Marianne Curtis

   Residents in the Ste. Genevieve area have been signing a petition that will be taken to the local and provincial governments.

   In an effort to encourage residents to recycle, many municipalities are increasing the rate that landowners pay when they come to dispose their own garage at the dump. So far over two hundred signatures have been collected in opposition of the RM of Tache’s plan to impose significant increases.

   Ste. Genevieve resident, Carmen Allard, said that she started the petition after hearing numerous complaints from local residents.

   “First off, we already pay for the landfill site through our taxes, we have to pay by debit card or credit card only, no cash will be accepted,” explained Allard. “So on top of paying to drive our garbage to the dump, we have to pay a transaction fee to the municipality for using the debit card or credit card, and then we have to pay a transaction fee to the bank or a credit card company.”

   The RM of Tache is implementing a fee scale that residents consider “absurd”. Users are being charged $5 for 1-5 bags of garbage; $10 for a car and trailer; $10 for a half ton; $25 for a 1 ton truck. Charges of $40 per tonne are also being implemented and trucks of this size will no longer be accepted the Monominto Transfer Station.

   Deputy Mayor Jacques Trudeau told residents at a town hall meeting that the municipalities are being forced to make the changes.

   “Do they really think they can “force” people to recycle more by charging them to take their garbage to the dump?” Allard asked. “Not only that, we already pay a levy on everything we purchase that can be recycled, so why are we paying three times for a well established recycling program?”

   Allard is concerned that charging more tipping fees in facilities such as Monominto, which is not a full scale landfill, will encourage residents to be more careless with garbage disposal.

   “[All] charging tipping fees will do is force people to burn more garbage at home increasing the risk of forest fires and pile the bags up outside the dump gates so the wildlife can tear it apart, making the entire area a dump,” Allard concluded.

   Allard hopes that the RM of Tache will come up with a better solution or at least officially notify residents. Currently most ratepayers are finding out about the tipping fees when they arrive at the facility. Many do not want to use their credit cards because they don’t want to leave that confidential information with staff in the event that the unattended facility will be broken into and the information stolen, she adds.


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