Dangerous crosswalk sees improvements

Improvements being made to a potentially dangerous crosswalk in Landmark are expected to make it safer for students to cross the busy Highway 206.

   A parent committee from Landmark is pleased that after three years, a potentially dangerous crosswalk near the community’s high school, is finally being made safer for pedestrians.

   In August work crews began reconstructing the pedestrian corridor which children must take to cross a busy Hwy 206 (Main Street) adjacent to Landmark Collegiate.

   The Department of Highways has created a curb on both sides of the highway and on either side of Center Street E. This curb creates a narrowing at the three way intersection so that traffic is forced to wait for a stopped vehicle at the crosswalk instead of taking the curb and trying to slip past.

   Parent committee spokesperson Jenny Plett was instrumental in pushing the project forward since the beginning. The RM of Tache had already gone to the province with a request for improvements but it was denied. Instead of taking no for an answer, Plett met with La Verendrye MLA Ron Lemieux and pressed the matter until the project was approved.

   “I am very excited to see the construction crews at the crosswalk making the promised changes,” stated Plett. “We have been lucky until now. Motorists would not see the crosswalk signs and fail to slow down to check for pedestrians.”

    She adds that even though the changes may not seem huge, they are part of a bigger picture.

   Once the crosswalk is complete, both the Landmark Collegiate and the Elementary School are expected to come on board with a crossing guard program consisting of high school students.

   “This means that the younger west side kids will now have a safe alternative to being bussed or getting a ride to school,” Plett said. “Hopefully the sight of a more visible crosswalk and crossing guards will signal the commuters with heavy feet that they are, in fact, in a community where they need to slow down and maybe even stop for our children.”

   Construction is expected to be complete before the beginning of the coming school year.


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