Tache turns on taps in Lorette

By Marianne Curtis

   After five years of having to boil their water or use bottled water, residents in Lorette can breathe easier as residential connections to the community water distribution system are turned on.

   RM of Tache mayor Bill Danychuk has confirmed that the distribution portion of the Lorette Water Project that all lines have passed pressure testing and the reservoir is now functional.

   “We haven’t officially told people that their taps are already hooked up to the new water supply but I have had people come up to me and tell me that they have noticed a difference in their water – it feels different,” explained Danylchuk. “When I tell them that it is because they are already hooked up to the new system they are very pleased.”

   LUD member Ron Tardiff added that it is exciting for the community to finally see the end of this important project.

    “Residents have been eagerly waiting for the chance to enjoy a safe water supply,” added Tardiff. “That time has finally come.”

   The RM of Tache spent $5.3 million on the construction a new water distribution center. The project included an upgrade of the water utility in the community by establishing of a new source well into the sandstone aquifer, construction of a new pumping station, and a 1M litre underground storage reservoir to be constructed on site.

   “The water is being treated by chlorination and radiation and everything seems to be working well,” added Danylchuk.

   Central upgrades included the establishment of fire hydrant services and associated gate valves throughout the local improvement district. The project also included extension of water lines to un-serviced streets and adds service connections to approximately 287 properties.

   The final phase of this project will include associated well decommissioning to protect the aquifer.

   Funding for the project was achieving partially through the Canada Manitoba Infrastructure Program for just over $1.7 million. The balance of funding came from the municipal reserve funds and through a borrowing bylaw.


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