Cabins under construction in Woodridge

The owners of the Vintage Country Store have expanded their business by adding a 4-plex cabin to their business.




By Marianne Curtis

   Snowmobilers, hunters and other visitors heading out to enjoy the Sandilands will be happy to know that there will soon be a place to stay in the heart this natural playground.

   One year ago Dina Braun and husband and wife team Albert and Marlene Bourrier partnered up and breathed new life into the only store in Woodridge. They bought the business several months after it was closed and renamed the business the Vintage Country Store.

   “It was a matter of timing; I always and when this opportunity opened up I was up for the challenge,” says Albert.

   A year later, the partners have expanded their business to include a 4-plex of cabins in the heart of the community. The Vintage Lodge consists of 4 spacious suites completely furnished with kitchen, living room, bedroom and private bath. While the interior is laid out with rustic pine, guests can expect to find everything they need to enjoy a weekend as a group or family, even a big screen television.

   “They are built with the same design as a 55-plus apartment,” explained Albert. “This is a change of venture for us but it was needed in the area because a lot of people come through the area looking for a place to stay.”

   Bourrier says that in the last year he has noticed a significant increase of traffic through Woodridge. The community has become a playground for snowmobilers, ATV enthusiasts, fishermen, hunters and campers.

   “On a good day we can see 150 snowmobiles stop at the store,” Bourrier says. “One weekend someone came in from Winnipeg and when they were back the next day I asked where they spent the night – they said they went back home because there was no place to stay. This gave me the idea of the cabins.”

   The addition of a new business in Woodridge is significant for a community that some people thought was dying out.

  “When the store closed down, people were saying that Woodridge was dead,” added Bourrier. “Since reopening the store the community is coming back to life. Houses are selling quicker, property values are increasing – I see the potential for growth in this community.”

   Construction of the cabins in nearly complete and the Vintage Lodge is expected to be open by mid-September, just in time for hunting season.


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