Burger debate had eyes focused on Landmark

For ten days, these two huge burgers rose above the community of Landmark while the rest of Canada voted for their favorite while watching live footage on the internet.


By Marianne Curtis

   For ten days in July, eyes from across the country were focused on the Landmark sky thanks to an internet debate sparked by McDonald’s restaurants. Flying high above the community were two helium burgers – a Big Mac and a Quarter Pounder and the big Burger Deb8 was sparked.

   As online voters cast their ballots, the burgers were raised and lowered according to which burger was receiving the most votes. Hundreds of thousands of voters and viewers were able to watch the balloons online on Facebook thanks to a camera placed at the top of one of the silos at Richardson Pioneer.

   Louis Payette, National Media Relations Manager at McDonald’s Restaurants of Canada says Landmark was the perfect choice to host the big Burger Deb8.

   “We wanted to reignite the passion in Big Mac and Quarter Pounder enthusiasts,” explained Payette. “We want to find out which group of passionate fans will be able to rally their troops and get the vote out. What better way to illustrate a debate of this magnitude than with giant, oversized burger balloons?”

   When asked why the company chose the community of Landmark, he said that it was the perfect location because geographically it is the exact longitudinal center of Canada. 

    “We wanted to take this debate to new heights and in order to truly get the pulse of the nation you have to be in the right in the middle of things,” stated Payette. “That’s why we felt Landmark was the perfect place to host the debate and we’re thrilled everyone here has welcomed us so warmly.” 

   McDonald’s acknowledged the hard work of the community for bringing the Burger Deb8 to a local location.

    “We’re excited that we were so warmly welcomed in Landmark and we’re pleased to see that this campaign has increased awareness for this great community with Canadians from coast-to-coast. It’s a little early to say what – if any – spin-offs might come as a result, but you never know!” Payette added.

   After months of preparation the debate kicked off Live on July 18 and ran until July 28. Through a webpage on Facebook, over 300,000 people voted for their preferred McDonald’s burger.  

In the end, the Quarter Pounder was the leader.

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