Aboriginal health project unveiled in St. Pierre

On June 16, the De Salaberry District Health Centre team met to unveil the results of a two year project funding by the federal government.

The Aboriginal Health Transition Fund project was designed to improve the integration of Federal, Provincial and Territorial funded health systems, adapt existing health programs and services to serve better the needs of Aboriginal peoples (First Nations, Inuit and Métis).

 It was also used to improve access to health services, and increase the participation of Aboriginal peoples in the design, delivery, and evaluation of health programs and services.

According to South Eastman Health, the south eastern region of Manitoba has a self-identified Aboriginal population of 1,305 residents.

“The majority are Métis,” stated Tara Mangano, from South Eastman. “This project engaged Métis communities and other partners in improving access to health care services.”

The program also supported holistic approaches to health care. It had a mission to enhance culturally relevant prevention and health promotion activities across the lifespan, genders, and ensuring access to appropriate and equitable health services closer to home.

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