RHA releases health assessment

   The southeast remains the fastest growing area in the province, says a new report recently released by the board of South Eastman Health.

   Earlier this month, South Eastman Health released their Community Health Assessment. The assessment is completed every five years and helps the health authority with long term health planning, says Monique Vielfaure Mackenzie, Chief Executive Officer for South Eastman Health.

   “The CHA is important evidence which guides our long-term health planning,” says Vielfaure Mackenzie.  “It paints a picture about the health of our population, and tells us the leading health issues from the community’s perspective.”

   The new report highlights that South Eastman is the fastest growing area in the province with a twenty-five percent increase in the past decade compared to five percent for the rest of Manitoba.

   Substantial growth increases have occurred across all age groups and areas of the region. Immigration and high birth rates are the drivers of this growth, with recent immigration now accounting for nearly 10% of the overall population.

   “The good news is that health status for South Eastman residents continues to be among the best in Manitoba,” says the report. “Life expectancy for both men and women is above average for Manitoba. However, good health is by no means shared equally across the region.

   In our region, major health burdens are chronic physical illnesses such as diabetes, cancer and mental health illnesses such as anxiety and mood disorders.  

   “It is clear from the full range of consultations that primary health services are the leading issue for all South Eastman communities,” noted Vielfaure Mackenzie.

   Community Health Assessment reports are updated every five years across Regional Health Authorities in Manitoba. This is the third CHA report created for South Eastman Health, led by Dr. Jan Roberts Medical Officer of Health for southeastern Manitoba.


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