Wildlife theme park opens in Hadashville

This spring, this little black bear was spotted during a tour of Eco-Adventures Wildlife Theme Park in Hadashville.

By Marianne Curtis

   A former bush pilot and hunting guide recently opened a fascinating new adventure theme park near Hadashville which promises visitors a chance to see a variety of wildlife living in their own habitat.

   Taking his love of nature and wildlife Myron Lamaga has opened up Eco-Adventures Wildlife Theme Park in Hadashville where people can go year-round to experience and appreciate all aspects of nature. The privately owned theme park offers visitors a chance to enjoy numerous adventures in the wildlife park.

   “I want people of all ages and abilities to enjoy nature adventures in this wildlife park and to be able to experience an authentic, natural outing,” stated Lamaga. “Ultimately one will access the theme park by riding golf carts, a horse-drawn sleigh, a “Snowfox” or being chauffeured to a specific site for wildlife and bird watching.”

   The park consists of over 1,000 acres of natural forest, meadows, muskeg, ponds, ditches and sandy soil along with an additional 10,000 acres of adjacent land of undisturbed territory promises wildlife sightings at all times. Visitors can either hike the trails, or other means of transportation through the park. Overnight stays are also encouraged in a charming wood cabin that is nestled in a forested area.

   “Here you can get a rare opportunity to watch deer browsing at night through night vision goggles,” added Lamega.

   Throughout the theme park there are a number of wildlife viewing structures for a more comfortable way to watch the antics of the resident wildlife. A tower has been built where black bear sightings have been common, plus the area is often visited by wildlife including deer, fox, moose, and even the odd bobcat.

   While the vast majority of the site is untouched, to attract and sustain a variety of wildlife, Lamaga plants corn which is left standing to feed the wildlife.

   “This becomes a vital food source for wildlife such as deer, bear, birds and small mammals,” added Lamega.  
   The wildlife theme park has been under development for years with the building of trails to and constructing wildlife viewing and bird watching structures. The next phase will be to attract significant birds, waterfowl and aquatic wildlife through the enhancement of wetlands.

   For more information or to book a tour, visit the website at http://wildlife-adventures.ca.


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