Steinbach looks at sirens

   After a number of storms during the month of June, the City of Steinbach is looking at improving the city’s early warning system.

   Last month, the City of Steinbach was recognizes as being the first community in Canada to become Storm Ready. To be named Storm Ready – a program meant to better prepare communities in case of severe weather – the City of Steinbach worked closely with the Manitoba Emergency Measures Organization (MBEMO).

   Despite the viligant efforts of volunteers that keep their eyes on the sky, residents in the area were taken unawares during a weekend of storms on June 25 and 26.

   Dennis Vassart, the City of Steinbach’s Emergency coordinator says that the weather watchers did what they should to let residents know about the impending danger

   “Our downfall is that we don’t have an early warning system other then our local radio station but not everyone tunes in,” pointed out Vassart.

     Mayor Chris Goertzen says council has been discussing the purchase of an early warning siren but they are have a price tag of $150,000.

   “This is why the purchase did not make it into this year’s budget,” stated Goertzen. He added that council plans to discuss the matter further in the next couple weeks and could decide to put sirens into next year’s budget.


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