Opinion – Where is the coalition?

through the looking glassBy Marianne Curtis

After spending the last few months digging deep and turning over rocks the sorted story coming from the RM of La Broquerie is nothing less then shocking. There are allegations of theft, misconduct, overuse of authority, mistreatment of staff and ratepayers and the list goes on.

Where is the coalition? Back up a few years and I remember well when they came out of the closet. They showed up when I started attending meetings and noticed that millions were being spent on the municipal building and other projects but the public was clueless. The coalition was born to bring fairness and responsible government to the municipality and they fought for what they wanted.

The coalition made life a living hell for the council at the time. The group demanded information, they wanted change and eventually they were successful. The ombudsman investigated, the auditor general stepped in and conducted an audit and then the final change occurred at the municipal elections.

Four years ago, I had high hopes for the RM of La Broquerie because council was nearly evenly split with a coalition member as reeve, along with two councilors who were also members of the group. Two re-elected councilors who were well known as being fair and good representatives remained at the table. The sixth councilor, he was the wild card – he could go either way. Yes, it appeared to be a real good mix – until this year.

It would seem that there has been a lot going on in the RM of La Broquerie – but not in a good way. Recently developers confronted council, alleging that there is no “pride” in the community anymore. How can a community be proud when its representatives seem to be working for themselves, not the municipality as a whole. The once thriving and growing community is at a current standstill. There is too much sneaking around going on behind the scenes to actually get any work done.

So I ask again? Where is the coalition? Why is it that it is the staff that is exposing everything? Why is staff losing their jobs, their homes, their families, their health and their lively hood for speaking up? Where are the people, the homeowners, the farmers, the businessmen?

Come on ratepayers in the RM of La Broquerie – stand up, let your voices be heard. There is so much more to the story that has not been able to be printed due to the nature of the charges but that does not mean that it isn’t going on. Someone needs to stand up – the community needs to rally.  It is not fair or right that a few are taking the brunt for exposing the truth and suffering as a result.

Maybe it is time for a new coalition to step forward – one that will demand a real responsible and fair local government in the RM of La Broquerie.


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  1. Jennifer Plett

    I also remember that the coalition was going to right wrongs and bring accountability. It’s very sad that they became part of the problem.