Pioneer family honored at gala

Members of the Mulaire family accepted an award on behalf of Rose and Emery Mulaire from St. Pierre who were recently honored by CDEM and AMBM for being Pioneers of Francophone Entrepreneurship at a special gala event.

By Marianne Curtis

   A pioneer business family from St. Pierre was recognizes for their hard work on May 28 at the Gala of Pioneers of Francophone Entrepreneurship.

   Rose and Emery Mulaire were recognized because four generations of entrepreneurs have come from their family. The couple’s four sons, Guy, Eugène, Gilles and René, followed in their father footsteps by taking over the St. Pierre-Jolys grocery store.

   The Mulaire family has been in business since 1929, when Emery Mulaire bought his father-in-law Eusèbe Tétrault’s grocery store in St-Pierre-Jolys.

   “My grandfather, Emery Mulaire, bought the store just before the Great Depression began in 1929,” said Marcel Mulaire. “It wasn’t an easy time to start out in business, but he managed, with the help of his wife, Rose.”

   In 1954, two of their son’s took over the business and they ran it together until 1964.

   “The store wasn’t able to provide financially for two families,” as Marcel recalled, “and so in 1964, Guy moved to St. Boniface and opened the Épicerie Mulaire on Des Meurons Street.”

   In 1981, Marcel bought out the grocery store in St. Pierre. His brother Rene returned to the community after graduating as a pharmacist where he set up Pharmacie Saint-Pierre the first pharmacy in the community.

   René’s wife, Cécile Mulaire, explained, “He could see that it was difficult for village residents who had to travel quite a long distance to get any medications. So, after he finished his studies, he was really determined to get established in St-Pierre-Jolys.”

   He operated it for 30 years before a nephew took over the business.

   Eugène Mulaire, the fourth son of Rose and Emery, began working with his father as a butcher in the grocery store. Later, he moved to St. Lazare, where he operated a grocery business until 1989 when he retired.

   Not only has the family been active in the business community, but they have been busy in the community. Through numerous, varied community activities, the four Mulaire brothers played a major part in the expansion and growth of the St-Pierre-Jolys area.

   “Their commitment enriched the economic, cultural and even spiritual aspects of the village,” stated Huguette Dandeneau, Guy Mulaire’s daughter. “Their energy and enthusiasm had a lasting influence on the younger members of the family.”

  The Economic Development Council for Manitoba Bilingual Municipalities (CDEM) and the Association of Manitoba Bilingual Municipalities (AMBM) and celebrated the contribution three pioneering entrepreneurial families from across the province at the Gala of the Pioneers of Francophone Entrepreneurship in Manitoba.

   Since 2003, the goal of this awards event has been to celebrate the achievements of families or individuals who have distinguished themselves over the years by their business success and their contributions to the community.


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