Community steps up to help accident victim

By Marianne Curtis

   A nurse from the St. Adolphe Nursing Home received a little extra love and support after the community and fellow staff held a fundraiser on her behalf. The event, which took place in St. Adolphe on May 19 was held to raise money to purchase a new laptop for Diane Drysdale, a longtime nurse at the facility.

   As a registered nurse, Drysdale has worked at the St. Adolphe Nursing home for over two decades until she was recently injured in a car accident. During the early hours of April 25, she was on her way to work when she was involved in a two vehicle collision along St. Mary’s Road. The severity of the collision kept the busy road closed for nearly seven hours while police worked to determine the cause of the accident. Both drivers were transported to hospital in critical condition and since then the road to recovery has not been easy.

    Drysdale receive sever injuries that required hours of surgery. She is now recovering in a Winnipeg rehabilitation facility and expected to need over six months to recover.

  In the meantime, the staff at the St. Adolphe Nursing Home stepped up to ensure that she remains active and able to communicate with the outside world. Rhea Trudeau, a fellow staff member organized the event.

   “We wanted to do something special for Diane because she is always doing something special for us,” explained Trudeau. “I know how much she loves to be able to be on the internet chatting, working on photos and other things. With a laptop in the hospital she can remain in contact with the outside world.”

   Her efforts raised almost $3,000 which was used to buy a new top of the line laptop, accessories and even paid for 6 months worth of high speed internet while she recovers.

   St. Adolphe Nursing Home Executive Director Steve Neufeld is proud of his staff.

   “Diane is very giving to staff and to the residents and she has been a great friend,” stated Neufeld. “I am proud of Rhea for rallying the staff and the community. This concept is something that we would like to continue because it has gotten staff and the community together.”

   Even Ritchot Mayor Bob Stefaniuk came out to support the cause.

   “I think that it is wonderful how the staff have banned together to help her,” added Stefaniuk.

   The staff and management at the St. Adolphe Nursing Home are optimistic that once Drysdale recovers she will return to work at the facility.

Natalie Grondin, whose mother works at the nursing home came from Pine Falls gets ready to participate in the walk-a-thon. The picture on her back shows what was left of Diane Drysdale’s car after the accident.

Ritchot Mayor Bob Stefaniuk came out to support the cause.


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  1. Diane is an incredibly special person, who gives love & hope wherever she goes, so it is so wonderful to see this love returned to her. We know Diane as “Silkee” online, and we are so grateful for this well-written article as we’ve had only sketchy info about the accident & her condition. I thank you and the lovely people at St. Adolphe Nursing Home from the bottom of my heart for doing the one thing that will really help her recover.