Reynolds resort under investigation

by Marianne Curtis

   A resort owner from the RM of Reynolds is facing a number of hefty fines after an investigation by Manitoba Environment has led to the possibility of numerous charges. 

   Manitoba Environment has confirmed that they are investigating and considering laying charges against Dave Young as owner of Lakeside Pines, a resort located along Highway #1. The charges are pending after a lengthy investigation by the province after Young was accused of allegedly polluting the ditch running along the highway for the past few years.

   The issue was raised four years ago when residents living at the twenty-three lot resort noticed an unusual odor in the area. Further investigation revealed that a force main for the resorts sewage system had been disconnected from a condemned septic field and raw human effluent was being pumped directly into the ditch running along the Trans-Canada Highway.

   Norman Main and his wife Lori have lived at the resort for four years and signed a ten year lease. He says that the site is “a total disaster”.

   “It stank so much that we could not go outside – when I looked into the matter further I found toilet paper on the side of the river,” explained Main. “Manitoba Environment came out and found that the sewage wasn’t going into the septic field, it was going into the ditch.”

   Main says that when he took the matter to the province, he was told they were already aware of the issue but had not acted on it yet. Now the matter could see its day in court. 

   Garry and Debbie Rumph used to lease a lot at the resort but were evicted as a result of raising the alarm.

   “Our site was right next to the tank – we know that he had been pumping the sewage,” stated Debbie. “After we called Manitoba Environment we were evicted because of slander.” 

   “We find it despicable that a man that is known for being environmentally conscious has been breaking the law and hiding it,” added Rumph.

    Young did not respond to the Dawson Trail Dispatch’s numerous attempts to contact him on this matter.

~as published in the April 2010 Dawson Trail Dispatch

Resort owner admits to claims, but improves being made

By Marianne Curtis

   A resort owner from the RM of Reynolds has confirmed that he was facing a number of charges and a fine as a result of an investigation by Manitoba Environment.

   Dave Young, owner of Lakeside Pines Resort, located along Highway #1 admits that there has been a problem with his sewage system since taking over the property five years ago. The resort consists of a motel with several rooms and a twenty-three lot seasonal camping area.

   Manitoba Environment investigated complaints made by tenants at the resort and laid three undisclosed charges against Young after it was discovered that there were problems with his septic field and system at the resort.

   “I didn’t build the field and I didn’t build the tank so I didn’t know that it wasn’t built properly,” stated Young. He noted that the current system can accommodate fifteen tenants but an additional system needs to be added including a balancing tank.”

   “We got charged for allowing waste water on the ground,” said Young. “The field has been shut down since last year and we pump out the tank regularly. Repairs on the field have been done and it is now certified.”

   He denies ever pumping the sewage into any ditches or rivers in the area.

   Once this matter is settled, Young intends to continue improving the property to offer a full serviced seasonal resort.

   “We want the place to be nice and relaxing for people to come out and enjoy,” Young added. “Improvements will continue to be made as money will allow but we can only do so much at a time.”

   However, long-term tenants Norm and Lorraine Main say that they have been evicted despite signing a ten-year lease.

   “We have been evicted as of today but we went to the tenant’s commission – we know it’s because we called Manitoba Environment but we have no place to go because we live here,” stated Main. “The tenant’s commission told us to stay here and that they are trying to scare us – it has to go to a hearing and he has to answer to their questions.”

   Young denies evicting the Mains because of this issue. He stated that they were evicted because they “broke the rules”. The eviction notice states that Mains were evicted because they had two cars parked in their driveway and they used abusive language towards other tenants.

 ~as published in the May 2010 Dawson Trail Dispatch


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