Residents win in biggest loser challenge

by Marianne Curtis

   A program running in St. Malo this winter is encouraging people in the community to reach their weight loss goals and put a little cash in their pockets in the process.

      During the past thirteen weeks, a group of sixteen people have been participating in the St. Malo Biggest Loser Challenge. The group which meets weekly at the Chalet Malouin lost a combined 125.8 pounds, and a total of $465 was paid out to the top four losers.

   The non-profit program is designed to educate the community that with life-style changes and healthier eating habits, amazing things can happen.

   “You can see that great things happen as a result of the program,” says organizer Georges Pageot. “It’s amazing what can happen in 12 weeks.”

   To participate, a $39 registration fee is required, with $25 going back into the pot. At the end of the program, the people that lose the most weight or inches win a cash prize for their efforts.

   “There are a good number of participants who are staying on the program, committed until they reach their weight goal,” added Pageot.

   Winners of the first weight lost challenge were Chantal Catellier who placed first, with 11.54% of body weight loss losing 16.0 pounds. She took home $200. Carol Arpin placed second, with 10.09% of body weight loss losing 17.2 pounds. She took home $135. Marie Langhan placed third, with 8.99% of body weight loss losing 10.2 pounds. She took home $70.

   The biggest inch loss winner was Aline Pilotte who lost 22.25 inches and won $60.00.

    Anyone interested in pre-registering or for more information, contact Georges at 347-5197 or email

                                                                                                      Chantal Catellier, Carol Arpin, Marie Langhan and Aline Pilotte were all big winners when they took home cash for losing the most weight in the Biggest Loser Challenge.


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