Locally authored book considered for movie

By Marianne Curtis

   A writer from Ste. Anne is thrilled that his first novel could possibly be developed into a movie within the next couple of years.

   A year and a half ago Alvin Funk saw his first novel published. Since then it has hit a second printing, and is currently under consideration by Steve Spielberg’s company DreamWorks Studios for adaptation into a motion picture.  The film-making process takes up to two years but will result in Familiar Stranger being on the silver screen.

   “My publisher contacted me that Dreamworks is interested in the book. I am very happy they are interested in it and it is very exciting,” stated Funk.

   Published by PublishAmerica, “Familiar Stranger” is the first book in a series of three that tells the story of Ken and Sarah, a couple from Saskatchewan.  

   In this unforgettable novel, Ken and Sarah live in the wild, tree strewn hills of the Eastern Saskatchewan prairies.  As events spiral out of control for Ken, he leaves behind him a path of destruction that will shatter the lives of not only his family, but of friends and community as well.

   Their story continues in the second book, ‘Benevolent Stranger,’ which is planned to be released this spring, 2010; the third and final book of the series, ‘Ken’s Demise,’ should be released in the winter of 2010.    

   “We are very excited to announce that this exceptional book is being considered for film adaptation,” said PublishAmerica’s Public Relations Director Shawn Street.  “We look forward to the day when this talented author’s work will appear on the big screen.”

   Funk says that he gathered inspiration for the books from his own life in south east Saskatchewan where he grew up.

   “I had the story for years in my head, and then I wrote about three quarters of it on an old computer but when the hard-drive crashed I lost everything and had to start from scratch,” explained Funk.

   Funk added that he is excited at the prospect of working with Spielberg’s team. If the book is accepted as a base for a movie, then he will have input into the adaptation and development of the screenplay.

   “I suspect that if it becomes a screenplay that it will have a huge impact on me as a writer because you get known quickly and seen.”

   Steven Spielberg’s DreamWorks has produced stars such as Tom Hanks, Tom Cruise, Julia Roberts, and the Shrek cast. Many of the films created by the company have won numerous Oscars.

 When Ste. Anne author Alvin Funk isn’t teaching at Assiniboine community college or working on a new novel, he enjoys fishing.


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