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Welcome to the “Dawson Trail Dispatch” on WordPress. I created this page to give online readers a chance to see some of the top stories of the month as we do not have an official website.

The Dawson Trail Dispatch is a locally owned and operated business. It is owned by Dan Guetre from One One Consultants. We are currently in our 14th year of publication and I am in my 13th year as the head writer. This is not our only paper. One One Consultants also owns AgriPost, which is an agriculture newspaper that is mailed to farmers throughout the bottom half of Manitoba. Cruising for Deals is similar to Autotrader. All three publications are free of charge and available in hundreds of businesses in southern Manitoba.

My intent is to use this page as a way to get big stories out to the community, and meet immediate needs IE: fundraisers that may be taking place between printings. I will also be creating “listings for upcoming events, and notices for different organizations. One of my personal favorites is the Steinbach Humane Society so I plan on helping them by posting adorable pets looks for new homes. These are just examples.

Unfortunately due to the volume of content we publish per issue I will be choosing only the top stories of the month unless someone asks for something specific.

Feel free to invite your friends that might find this site interesting. If you have a news tip or upcoming event, please message me personally.

Thank you for making us one of your online connections for local news.

Marianne Curtis
Journalist for Dawson Trail Dispatch


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  1. Harry Schaap

    Very well done Marianne..Looking forward to reading more story’s