Couch bike promotes community

By Marianne Curtis

   The Economic Development Officer from the RM of De Salaberry is looking for support in a very unique idea he’s come up with to help promote the area.

   Lesley Gaudry, EDC for the RM of De Salaberry has submitted an idea to the Aviva Community fund which is a competition that could result in a positive change in the community of St. Malo.

   Competitors are invited to create an idea that will have a positive impact in their community and submit it in the Aviva Community Fund competition. The most popular ideas will have a chance to be funded with the $500,000 Aviva Community Fund.

   Gaudry says that his idea to create the “Couch bike across the great divide of Highway #59” is designed to encourage the more then 250,000 visitors that come to the St. Malo Provincial park each year to cross the highway and come into the community of St. Malo.

   “Many visitors in the region stay within the park boundaries and do not realize or fully utilize all the services and activities available to them,” stated Gaudry. “This is one of the challenges that the St. Malo Chamber of Commerce would like to address.”

    “The Chamber would like to obtain funding to develop a community economic development initiative that would help people “Cross the Great Divide of Provincial Highway 59” via a “Couch Bike”,” explained Gaudry. “Admittedly, building and using a “Couch Bike” is an off the wall idea and may have skeptics wondering why bother? Well, developing a “Couch Bike” would have a variety of benefits for the region.”

   Designed to draw people out of the park into the community of St. Malo on a “couch bike” is creative, and pokes fun at sedentary lifestyles while offering a unique experience, he added.

   It is also expected to promote healthy living while having fun and is a compliment to cycling initiatives that are held in the park on a regular basis such as triathlons, bike tours, family rides and the first cyclocross race in October 2010.

   The budget for this project is estimated at $9,500 that would include development of the bike frame, materials, assembly and an old leather couch, which he hopes will be donated.

   To cast your vote, visit

Les Gaudry has come up with a unique idea to attract visitors from the St. Malo Provincial Park to cross the highway and visit the many services and activities that take place in the community of St. Malo by creating a “couch bike”.


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