Mitchell band celebrates life in Low German

By Marianne Curtis

   A trio of musicians from Mitchell is taking their love for the low German language and sense of humor and sharing it with audiences through their music.

   Known as 3molPlaut, life long friends Ken Sawatzky and husband and wife duo Christina and Vern Neufeld are finding the humor of life and celebrating it in what some consider a dying language.

   The three have been friends since they grew up together in Paraguay and share a love for the German language. Then their families separated and moved to Canada, where they later reunited. Three years ago, they formed 3molPlaut which means “three times flat”.   

   “A lot of people think that Low German is a dying language but it is not,” stated Christina. “We don’t want it to die and we don’t think it should so we try to find the funny in daily life and turn it into music.”

   Each member of the band participates in the writing process with inspiration garnered from real life.

   “We take mundane things that we catch and make it into a song,” explained Vern. “Because of the language, words are sometimes different which can make things even funnier.”

   For example, the group has a song about food and people do not expect to hear a song about their favorite German foods, added Christina.

   “Our music celebrates what we see,” added Vern. “We are in a good position to view things from the outside and see things differently.”

   Over the past year, 3molPlaut has performed at Wilmer Penner’s Variety Nights, socials, Pioneer Days, the Niverville Fair, Mennonite Heritage Village and for the Steinbach Arts Council. They have also cut two CDS called 3molplaut and Raed nicht plaut.

   As folk singers, the group has also been featured on a German talk show where they were interviewed and performed before an audience in Germany.

   When the group is not performing they are busy spreading their humor in the classroom. Vern is sharing his love for music as music teacher in Green Valley School in Grunthal, while Christina is a stay at home mom. Ken teaches several classes at the North Kildonen Montessori School.

 3molplaut band mates Vern and Christina Neufeld and Ken Sawatzky use their sense of humor and love for the Low German language to celebrate life through their music.


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