Doctor shortage shuts down Vita ER

By Marianne Curtis

   The emergency room at the Vita Hospital will be closed for the next few weeks, according to South Eastman Health.

   Monique Vielfaure Mackenzie Chief Executive Officer of South Eastman Health confirmed that the regional health authority was forced to suspend emergency room services temporarily at the Vita and District Health Center in Vita due to a shortage of doctors.

   “We had a pair of doctors – a husband and wife team –  that was supposed to start on Monday but they changed their mind,” stated Vielfaure Mackenzie. “We are in discussions with some candidates and we have been getting phone calls from doctors interested in going into the area.”

   There is still one doctor practicing in Vita, but he is busy working the clinic, and can not take on the emergency room too, added Vielfaure Mackenzie. A second doctor working in the community left at the end of May.

   While the emergency room is not in operation, the facility’s ambulance service will still be operating. However, instead of transporting patients to Vita, they will be taken to the nearest facility which could be either Steinbach or St. Pierre.

   The Vita and District Health Center’s emergency room services will be reinstated after the vacancy is filled, assured Vielfaure Mackenzie.


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