Shop locally – hire locally

through the looking glassBy Marianne Curtis

I find it ironic that a community that promotes the importance of supporting local businesses is traveling overseas to recruit employees. It is a tough pill to swallow when the same business community that asks customers to shop locally would travel thousands of miles beyond it’s boundaries to recruit new employees instead of hiring locally.

Personally, I know many people that have applied countless times at various Steinbach and area businesses. For one reason or another, these people all agreed on one thing – they were left to feel that getting employment in the area is nearly impossible.

Going a step further, I took a peek at the local “employment wanted” ads at two sources revealed a mere thirty jobs available in the area – in same cases the pickings were slim.

It is further upsetting to know that in some businesses there is no such thing as fairness. Where an employee is rewarded with money for recruiting employees, but how many of those recruited actually stay employed at that business longer then three months. Yet a father of six gets fired for not returning to work with a doctors note saying he was fit to work, after he was sent home for not showing up at work with the needed note, but ready to work.

As a parent, of three employable daughters it is extremely frustrating to see that rural communities are not doing more to encourage the hiring of local youth. Each year, hundreds of graduates enter the workforce but how many really know about what is available in the region.

To portray a community with an obvious abundance of local resources as one left with no other option then to travel elsewhere to recruit more employees is not painting the entire picture.

Steinbach is rich with local resources – there are a lot of people looking for work in the community. As long as local youth are leaving their hometowns because there are no jobs, then how can that community justify a trip to English or Scotland to look for more employees.


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