Opinion – I’m taking my toys and going home

through the looking glass

By Marianne Curtis

When you think of politicians, you see gentlemen in suits and ties with one or two assistants hanging around doing their beck and call. For gathering information, investigating matters, and keeping affairs in order, these assistants are invaluable.

But what happens when the balance of power changes? What happens if the assistant starts telling the employer what to do, or even worse, calling him a liar in the front of fifty people. Amid calls for that employee’s head, and a harsh reminder that he was a “servant of council” the assistant sits back with a smug look on his face and dared council to fire him.

His words were “if they can replace the pope, they can replace me”.

I find it ironic that this same assistant listed himself as having left council for “conflict of interest” when a recent controversial matter crossed the table. What conflict he was referring to, I fail to see, because as an employee, he can not influence councils decisions.

As a reporter, I have to admit that I was saddened with what I witnessed in a council chambers where I have entered many times carrying respect for its eight occupants. However, the feeble attempts to cover what was really going on, was evident even to the untrained eye.

The RM of La Broquerie has always proved to be a very well thought of area to live, work and visit. But if they can not agree around the council chambers, how can future progress continue? Each councilor brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table, but it seems to me that there might be a long standing “unwritten rule” that says, that each councilor must do what each rate payer wants.

It was also disappointing that council was not able to provide the ratepayers with any real answers. Lamely accusing changing locks on the former reeves possession of keys, to not even acknowledging when your boss, and reeve asked for a key, not once, but twice!

What I witnessed from elected officials was appalling. I would like to remind all elected officials, that you are carrying the confidence of your people in your back pocket. Don’t abuse it, because there is always another election just around the corner.

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