Opinion – Catch 22!

through the looking glass

By Marianne Curtis

During my endless council meetings that I attend, I hear stories of people that are flooded out. Water that either ruins crops, storage’s of grain, and infrastructure. But what about people that have seen their home ruined or destroyed because of run off, bad ditches and our unusually wet summer?

This spring, I was one of many that saw several inches of field runoff overrun my property. I had three daughters that sleep in my basement who woke up one morning only to step into six inches of grossness. Their bedrooms, playroom, laundry room, everything was under water – a total loss.

Everyone had to be moved out of the basement and somehow placed elsewhere. It is not easy trying to make room in a 1000 square foot home for a family of eight – especially when you have lost use of the basement.

The province announced a little while later that there would be help for people that had losses. Thank goodness – right? Wrong!

Disaster financial assistance is a wonderful thing if you have credit, friends with money, or family that you can rely to help you in the event of a crisis. There are things that need to be done immediately when you flood. If you don’t, you end up like my son who suffers from mold induced asthma – a souvenir from the flood of 2002.

Basically, if you don’t “belong” to anything or have thousands of dollars in savings and you suffer a loss like this, you are basically on your own.

I would do anything to come up with the money to fix my basement and give my children their lives back. But unfortunately I can not get access to assistance to rebuild unless I spent the money first. Last time I checked, money doesn’t grow on trees – nor do beds, carpet, clothes or anything else that we need. Maybe I can cut down trees and make my own building supplies.

I personally think that whomever draws up these regulations need to take into consideration that some people are not blessed with an abundance of resources. They may be caught in a situation like myself, where what I do for a living prevents me from being more vocal about my personal situation. But I will not be gagged any longer.

Families like mine need to see more action and less bureaucratic rhetoric. We need action from the politicians that our tax dollars pay for not paper pushing by minions. As for me, I need to get my kids off my couches!

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