Opinion – My first election

through the looking glassBy Marianne Curtis

One only has to look in to the classified ads of the local papers to spot pages of “Notice of Revision of 1998 Electors” submitted by all the rural municipalities.

What this means is that according to the time specified by individual RM’s they are accepting nominations for the upcoming elections.

As a registered voted, I have been turning up at every election in the past twelve years to exercise my rights to put a little X in the right box.

I must admit that sometimes I was clueless as to whom I was voting for but at least I paid attention to what was going on around my community and have taken the time to visit the polls. Not always has the person I have voted for gotten in, but in hindsight I have been convinced that the choice I had made was a good one.

So many people are frustrated with their elected officials. Many people have at some point been disappointed and are now thinking “Why even bother voting anymore?”

One only has to sit in the coffee shops to overhear the comments made by dissatisfied residents, but how many have actually voted and tried to make things different?

Having witnessed some RM councils ‘dirty dealings’ or ‘under the table politics’ I would suggest that instead complaining about things that can’t be changed exercise your rights and make things change.

We have councilors that are absent 2 out of 3 meetings, only to show up for the third knowing that their absence would initiate their dismissal.

Then we have councilors that are doing more in their individual wards to the point of overspending and compromising other issues when funds have be allocated to cover their expenses.

Oh, and lets not forget the councilors that regardless of their absence to meetings, cast their uneducated vote on controversial issues.

Every RM has their hardworking councilors and then the ones that don’t really care about anything other then lining their own pockets and stroking their egos.

We have councilors that make decisions using underhanded tactics which all boil down to them getting what they want, with no consideration for the people that elected them.

Now is the time to sit back and look at what your ward representative has done for you in the past term. Some voters will be satisfied, but many will notice that nothing has changed and in a few cases things are worse.

We need to, as a community, get rid of the ‘pocket lining slouchers’ and vote, in some cases a completely new council.

Take a good look at your RM candidates and say ‘enough is enough’ and nominate people who will look out for everyone’s interests., not just themselves.



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