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Finding Gloria

“I was fortunate to meet this author at a reading. Her story is touching and heart-breaking. With complete honesty she discusses her childhood, teenage years, and her early years as a parent. And yet she treats every player in her story with respect. Given the nature of this story that is truly amazing.

A true survivor’s story. I recommend this book to anyone dealing with foster children coming from bad situations, anyone who grew up in an abusive situation, and anyone who has survived or deals with survivors of emotional trauma.”

Amazon review posted by C Ediger

“Honest and Emotional”

Rae of Hope: Stories of Survivors

“I’m so proud that this book is Canadian! While the resources and many of the stories included in this book are from all over North America and beyond, this book would help anyone dealing with bullying whether an adult or a child no matter where a person is from! Reading stories written by people who have survived bullying will lead to more and more people coming out with their personal story which is so empowering for them and can only be beneficial to battling the bullying epidemic that surrounds people of all ages. What an amazing compilation of stories, and while many of these stories are heartbreaking it is clear why each contributor is part of this book as a whole.”

Amazon review – posted by Jordy Noley

For anyone dealing with Bullying – Read this book

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